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The Ramblers big input to the Notts Guided Walks Programme 2016

First, a little background information…

The current Notts Guided Walks Programme (NGWP) was born out of the now defunct Nottinghamshire Guided Walks which operated under the auspices of Nottinghamshire County Council.  When funding for the latter ceased in 2008 a small group of dedicated enthusiasts under the banner of the Nottinghamshire Guided Walks Partnership took up the mantle with the aim of continuing the popular walks programme.  Commencing in 2010 and now entering its seventh year, the programme continues to expand catering for a wide variety of walking experiences including Health Walks.

The Partnership – it currently consists of four personnel – includes two Nottinghamshire Area Ramblers: Chris Thompson, Area Footpaths Secretary and Paul Wagstaff, Nottingham Group and also the Notts Footpath Preservation Society (NFPS).  The other two members of the Partnership are Brian Cluff, also a NFPS member who designs the booklet and handles publicity, and Mary Mills, who is the Secretary handling enquiries, comments etc. Funding was always going to be a problem but great credit to them for managing to obtain Lottery Funding in recent years.

And the input the Ramblers make to the NGWP?the ramblers big input to the notts guided walks programme 2016

It is a known fact that Ramblers Groups in Nottinghamshire earmark some walks from their own walks programmes for inclusion in the NGWP.  What is more staggering is the input made by of some of our leaders.  In the coming programme for 2016 Chris Thompson will lead 40 walks while Keith Wallace, the new Area Chair, will lead no less than 60 walks!  The latter has included Health Walks in conjunction with the scheme jointly set up by the Ramblers and Macmillan Cancer Support.  We also contribute to the funding of the NGWP by taking advertising space promoting the Ramblers and walking; this has been ongoing over recent years.  All in all, we can take pride and satisfaction for our involvement with the NGWP and long may this partnership continue. 

Footnote:  Access to the NGWP website can be made from the link on our own Area website.  Just click on WALKS, Other Organised Walks followed by Notts Guided Walks. 

Alex Staniforth

Photographic information: The photograph attached with this article is from the Mansfield & Sherwood Group Walk, Newlands and Parliament Oak on Sunday 24th May 2015, which was part of the NGWP.

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